Linked Networks

Quora offers the capability to connect your account with other Linked Networks such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

When you connect your account to a Linked Network, you’ll be shown the set of permissions that the connected account is granting to Quora. You can manage connections to Linked Networks by visiting your Account Settings page.

If you sign up with Facebook, you may be asked to give Quora permission to follow your friends and topics based on your interests, and to use this information to personalize your feed. You’ll also be able to follow new Facebook friends at any time by visiting your Account Settings page and selecting “Find Facebook Friends”.

You can choose to disconnect a Linked Network at any time. If you’ve chosen to display links to other networks on your profile page, disconnecting the network will remove the link immediately.

If you disconnect your Facebook account from Quora, we’ll delete all of the raw data we’ve imported through that connection. If you’ve chosen to take actions based on data from Linked Networks (such as following your contacts on Quora, following topics that you’ve liked on other sites), disconnecting your account won’t undo those actions going forward. However, you can at any time update your profile information and manage users and topics that you follow by visiting your Quora profile page at